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Cabrera Lab’s ThinkU

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The Ultimate Online Thinking School

What is the Cabrera Lab's ThinkU?

Develop the Skills That Can't Be Replaced by AI. Get on the Fastest, Surest Path to Excellence in Critical Thinking. 

Join the ultimate online thinking course focused on the science and practice of thinking.

  • Take the Thinking Quotient (TQ) Test
  • Get your TQ Score and Personalized Action Plan
  • Take Courses from Leading Scientists and Cornell Faculty
  • Engage in Challenges and See Tangible Improvement
  • Watch Exclusive Episodes of the Entertaining and Enlightening Cabrera Lab Podcast
  • Join the Ultimate Online UpThinking Course

Thinking is the skill that underlies all other skills. We know the precise steps for you to take to get significantly smarter and better at anything. Think better and Thrive in a complex world.

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What people Say

"I learned that to change any aspect of my life or work, I first had to change my thinking."

Kevin from Tampa, FL | ThinkU Student

"ThinkU was a game changer for me. I'm now a thought leader in my work and life."

Meghan from Bozeman, MT | ThinkU Student

"The biggest thing I did to improve my thinking was join ThinkU and start my own journey to becoming a better thinker."

John from San Francisco, CA | ThinkU Student

"Derek & Laura are masterclass."

Cheryl from Boston, MA | ThinkU Student

"My brain actually feels different. I now see what others miss. "

Rich from Chicago, IL | ThinkU Student

"ThinkU is a rich community of super smart folks working on themselves and their work."

Meghan from Boise, Idaho | ThinkU Student

"I got more out of my credential course than 4 years of college."

Patrick from New York, NY | ThinkU Student

What is included?

100% Money Back GOAT Guarantee 

Join ThinkU Today!

The best investment is an investment in yourself. the best investment in yourself is an investment in your thinking.  Join ThinkU and take the fastest, surest path to excellence in critical thinking. 

Sign up today and get:

  • The streamlined course in thinking based on the science of thinking and the science of what works
  • Thinking Quotient (TQ) Test and Report
  • Personalized Action Plan with a Step-by-step Learning Path
  • Exclusive Podcast Episodes with the Cabrera's
  • Badges & Credentials
  • And, many more benefits including: 
    • Weekly Live Events
    • Weekly Challenges to Increase Specific Skills
    • Expert Coaches with One-to-one Feedback Sessions
    • A Vibrant & Supportive Community 
    • Exclusive Discounts
    • Student Support 
  • 100% Money back GOAT Guarantee

Our Promise

ThinkU offers a unique, science-backed curriculum designed to elevate your thinking skills to elite levels. Regardless of your starting point, raising your Thinking Quotient (TQ) will empower you to:

  • Embrace complexity and be seen as an elite problem solver and thought leader.
  • Outthink any obstacle in your path or the competition.
  • Dive into the thorniest personal and business challenges with confidence and curiosity.
  • Get far greater value from your other investments in productivity tools and frameworks.
  • Develop abilities that aren’t replaced by AI.
  • Bring a sense of order to your day and your life.
You'll enhance your ability to tackle challenges across all facets of life and work.

Why ThinkU?

Think and Thrive. Unlock your potential. Thrive in a complex world and challenging situations. Solve difficult problems. Be the smartest person in the room. Join Cabrera Lab's ThinkU and improve your thinking.

Thinking is THE Skill Thinking is the skill that underlies all other skills.Thinking is the engine behind every emotion, action, decision, and outcome. When everything else fails, thinking differently changes the game. Learn the secrets to thinking and you unlock your potential.

Thinking can be practiced. UpThinking is a thing! You can level up your thinking by knowing what to practice. Our research, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, shows us precisely what to practice. If you put in the effort, you will notice tangible results in weeks and others will see transformative results in months.

Raise Your TQ. Your Thinking Quotient (TQ) highlights your current thinking gaps and results in a personalized action plan for rapid skill development. 

Is ThinkU for You? ThinkU provides step-by-step growth and support for you or your team’s UpThinking journey so you can OutThink complexity, challenges, and the competition. If you put in the effort, we will get you the results. You'll feel noticeably smarter in weeks and you'll be the smartest person in the room in months.